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Brand Photography in Traverse City

Two women pose in a garden for personal brand photography

Brand photography in Traverse City, Michigan can help companies create a unique and recognizable brand identity while showcasing the region’s stunning natural beauty. Here are three essential points to consider when it comes to brand photography in Traverse City. Crafting the Perfect Visual Story Brand photography is a powerful tool for telling a unique visual...

Portrait Photography in Northern Michigan

Family photo of a mother kissing her daughter on a beach in michigan

Examples of beautiful portrait photography taken all across Traverse City and Northern Michigan.

Business Brand Photography

A man poses beside a dressed mannequin for individual business brand photography

At Cory Weber Photography, we understand how important brand photography is for your business. Brand photography is all about capturing images that represent a company’s values, products or services, and overall personality. It’s a powerful tool that can help your business to build a strong visual identity. Cory Weber Photography specializes in business brand photography....


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