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Michigan Winter Wedding Inspiration | Cory Weber Photography

A Tribute to Earl Young’s Historic Cottage

Winter weddings a charm that can turn any celebration into a fairy tale. As a photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing a stunning winter wedding shoot. Inspired by the historic Earl Young cottage, and featured on Grey Likes Wedding. The combination of the cottage’s rich history and the incredible vision and styling of talented Jennifer Haf, BLOOM and events planner Sheila Dodson-Wright, Tableau Events made this shoot truly exceptional.

The shoot drew inspiration from Earl Young’s renowned Mushroom Houses. Earl Young began designing and building these whimsical structures in 1918. The models embraced a 1920s spin on their style, paying homage to the roaring twenties. It was a delightful nod to the era.

The model bride’s attire exuded vintage elegance. With a lace gown and stunning headpiece adorned with flowers. A reflection of the glamorous fashion of the 1920s. Her radiant smile and effortless grace brought the spirit of the era to life.

The groom’s attire was equally refined. A tailored suit, stylish plaid overcoat, and classic tie. A nod to the dapper gentlemen of the 1920s. Together, the couple embodied the essence of the era, blending the season’s beauty with a touch of nostalgia.

Captivating Winter Wedding Shoot

The winter landscape provided a beautiful backdrop for this enchanting shoot. The snow-covered grounds and trees added a touch of magic. Together, evoking a sense of serenity and romance.

Jennifer of BLOOM brought a burst of color to the scene, warming the cottage interior. With bold blooms featuring deep reds, lush greenery, and delicate cream accents. The florals adorning the historic cottage elevating its charm. And, creating a captivating visual tapestry.

Sheila, of Tableau Events, exceptional attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this shoot. From the vintage-inspired table settings to the carefully curated reception space, the ambiance exuded a sense of timeless sophistication.

As a Published Traverse City Photographer, I feel privileged to capture this harmonious fusion of history, style, and nature. This winter wedding shoot inspired by Earl Young’s iconic cottage is a touch of nostalgia and elegance. The stunning winter scenery providing the perfect canvas for magic to happen. This shoot will forever be a testament to the enduring beauty of winter weddings.

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