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Sincerely Ginger Weddings & Events Retreat at Fountain Point Resort

Practice Makes Perfect As a fine art photographer, I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Sincerely Ginger Weddings & Events Retreat at Fountain Point Resort. A styled wedding shoot bringing together a group of talented artists. The collaboration creating a stunning and memorable experience. Artisans Fountain Point Resort offers a breathtaking backdrop...

Published Traverse City Wedding Photographer

As a Published Traverse City Wedding Photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing a truly charming and enchanting wedding shoot. This charming garden inspired editorial shoot took place at a historic Earl Young cottage in Charlevoix. The cottage, with its rich history and unique architectural style, providing the perfect backdrop. Collaborative Magic This editorial shoot...

Published Traverse City Photographers | Hannah & Connor | Wedding Sparrow

Celebrating Love Amidst Northern Michigan Splendor To all those seeking Published Traverse City Photographers, Cory Weber Photography is who you need. As a photographer, I have the pleasure of capturing enchanting engagement photoshoots. Hannah and Connor’s autumn shoot is definitely charming event to remember. Their love for the autumn season is palpable. And, a collaboration of...


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