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As a Leelanau Wedding Photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing an enchanting lavender inspiration collaboration shoot on the serene Leelanau Lavender Farm. Stepping into the farm felt like entering a fairytale realm. Rows upon rows of fragrant lavender stretched out before me. The flowers swaying gently in the breeze. The perfect backdrop for our creative endeavor. This charming photoshoot was featured on Vale + Vine. You can see the article here.

Exquisite Event Styling

The event decor, styling, and fine papery for this shoot were curated by Tableau Events to embody the essence of lavender’s delicate charm. The floral design and styling by BLOOM added an ethereal touch to the scene. As a result, evoking a sense of whimsy and romance. Furthermore, the elegant papery, sophisticated linen and setting selection, and the rustic table vases creating a harmonious and visually captivating setting. Carefully crafted bouquets and centerpieces adorned the scene, exuding a rustic yet elevated charm. Every detail spoke of elegance and refinement.

Capturing Poetry with a Fine Art Lens

I, Cory Weber, working beside such talented and incredible artists, aimed to translate the beauty of lavender into visual poetry. Throughout the shoot, I employed various techniques to accentuate the romance. Soft lighting played a crucial role. Casting a dreamy glow over the surroundings and lending a painterly quality to the photographs. Moreover, by engaging with the surroundings I was able to capture genuine emotions. Tender moments that brought the lavender inspiration shoot to life through my lens.

In conclusion, the lavender inspiration shoot at Leelanau lavender farm was a captivating blend artistry. Each element carefully crafted to evoke a sense of serenity, romance, and timeless beauty. From the sophisticated decor to the charming florals. Every talented artist contributing to the creation of a visually stunning and emotional experience. As a Leelanau Wedding Photographer, it was a privilege to document this remarkable shoot. And, to immortalize the essence of lavender’s charm through the power of photography.

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Photography: Cory Weber, Cory Weber Photography  |  Papery, decor & styling: Sheila Dodson-Wright, Tableau Events  | Floral design & styling: Jennifer Haf, BLOOM  |  Wardrobe: Petoskey Bridal, Big Girls in Tights, GaGa for Kids  |  Models: Keriann and Tracy  |  Location: Leelanau Lavender Farm  |  Film scans: Richard Photo Lab

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