Fine Art Michigan Photographer | Racheal & Steven Engagement

As a Fine Art Michigan Photographer, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful engagement session in New York City with this lovely couple. The breathtaking New York skyline served as the perfect backdrop for this stunning photo session with Racheal and Steven.

The Waterfront, Sidewalks, and Courtyard

The waterfront provided a picturesque scene. The river reflecting the skyline behind the couple and creating a romantic and magical ambiance. The brick buildings along the sidewalks adds texture and depth to the images. In contrast, the cobblestoned courtyard beside the lush landscaping creates an intimate and secluded atmosphere. The perfect setting for capturing this couple’s love.

Capturing their Connection and Personality

I strive to capture every couple’s connection and personality on a shoot. This engagement session was no exception. The couple was so comfortable, truly in their element, allowing me to capture the genuine emotions and love that they share. The images reflect their personalities, love, and unique story.

Creating Timeless and Elegant Images

My goal, as a Fine Art Michigan Photographer, is to create timeless and elegant images that capture the essence of a couple’s love story. I use a combination of natural light, posing, and post-processing techniques to create images that are not only beautiful but also tell a story. Fine art photography that the couple can cherish for a lifetime.

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new-york-city-engagement-photography_0104 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0105 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0106 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0107 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0108 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0109 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0110 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0111 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0112 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0113 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0114 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0115 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0117 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0118 new-york-city-engagement-photography_0119New York City Engagement Photography by Cory Weber

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